Can you survive the curse of Mazgeon?

The mystery awaits...

Mazgeon is a catchy horror dungeon roguelike RPG with procedurally generated levels. Join the exploration by choosing your dungeon crawler and enter the dungeons in search of trinkets, loot and answers.

Scythe, The Grim Reaper, returns from hell to play his games with The Cursed Town of Mazgeon. Play as Dam the Mazgeon Warrior, Kuros the Black Wizard and Fuma the Steam Gunner, and delve into the dungeons to fight Scythe's minions and find the truth behind the curse.

From forest crypts to sandtombs, no matter what dungeon you're in, Scythe has placed traps to try reap your soul and become stronger. And even if you manage to evade them, he'll be waiting for your time to run out....


A story-driven roguelike RPG

Procedurally generated levels filled with secrets

Different enemies for each dungeon to challenge

3 different roles to choose from, each with unique abilities

Daily dungeon challenges

Custom seeds with a "dungeon-sharing" feature

Items, charms and rare collectibles to find

Unlockable skill tree

Full Gamepad support for true dungeon crawlers

Enter the cursed town...